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Our goal at MSGen is to work closely with your organization, facilitating the adoption of AI/ML technologies. With our support, you’ll be able to adopt Microsoft’s Databases with ease.

Our Capabilities

ETL Capabilities
• Azure Data Factory • Azure Databricks • Azure HDInsight • Azure Data Lake storage
Data visualization
Power BI Power BI Embedded Azure Analysis Services

Microsoft Copilot Azure Machine Learning Azure AI Services AI Anomaly Detector
Data analytics
Azure Cognitive Search Azure Databricks Azure Data Lake analytics Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Data Factory Azure Cosmos DB Azure SQL

Our Capabilities


Azure Data Factory


Azure Cosmos DB


Azure SQL

Our Services

Why us?

At MSGen, we strive to collaborate with your organization in adopting AI/ML technologies. With us, you will transform your data into actionable insights and drive innovation across your organization

Microsoft Copilot

Businesses can begin to reduce their IT costs, as Copilot acts very much like an IT virtual assistant.

2. Improved productivity

With personalised assistance in managing your Microsoft 365 accounts, Copilot can help your business improve productivity. This means your employees can focus on other responsibilities, whilst Copilot focuses on IT management tasks.

 For businesses who are not well-versed in IT or using Microsoft, Copilot provides an expert hand whenever you need it. Using Copilot, you can start automating repetitive tasks or go from an idea to a functioning app in a matter of minutes.

Copilot can maintain a safe and secure IT system, which will reduce the risk of cyber threats. For instance, In Outlook, Copilot can help each employee set up email filters, which reduces the risk of a security breach from a malicious email.

Microsoft Databricks

Databricks provides a unified workspace for data engineers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers to collaborate on data projects. It integrates with popular languages and libraries like Python, R, and SQL.

2.Data Lake Integration

It can easily integrate with Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and other Azure data services, allowing you to create a comprehensive data pipeline.

Databricks includes MLflow, an open-source platform for managing the machine learning lifecycle. It makes it easier to experiment, reproduce, and deploy machine learning models at scale.

Databricks simplifies the process of data preparation, cleaning, and transformation with its data engineering capabilities.

Databricks offers enterprise-level security features and is compliant with various data regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. It provides role-based access control and auditing capabilities