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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE— What’s New?

With the new wave 2 releases for 2022 in Dynamics 365 CE underway, Microsoft has innovative capabilities in store for businesses that will allow them to operate at their full potential. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features in Marketing, Sales, Field Service, and Customer Service we are most excited about.

Optimised Customer Journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing now facilitate more accurate marketing with personalised messages that are sent at the most appropriate time to respective contacts. By the end of 2022, customers will automatically be reminded of calls to action until the action is completed, letting businesses target and capture a larger number of customers than before. Automated Hands-Off Sales lets users create sales activities directly using the Dynamics 365 Marketing Module, hence improving sales processes. 

Dynamics 365 Sales comes with superior AI capabilities like Sales Accelerator and Conversation Intelligence. Sales Accelerator helps users sell more by building organised and prioritised pipeline and providing automated recommendations to boost sales processes. Conversation Intelligence provides sellers with real-time AI-driven insights, facilitating better conversations, while also gathering real-time data for future customer calls.  

Enhancements in Dynamics 365 Field Service’s Resource Scheduling Optimisation avoid overlapping bookings, enabling better scheduling of jobs and maximum utilisation of resources. Connected Field Service employs IoT devices to reduce downtime and address issues faster.

Latest releases in Dynamics 365 Customer Service offer Call Back Automation that lets customers retain their spot in the queue. Businesses can use this feature to boost customer satisfaction as customers can get a call back without having to wait again. 

Microsoft continues to be committed to boost digital transformation in businesses and is constantly enhancing Dynamics 365 to increase productivity. Upcoming enhancements in this quarter in Dynamics 365 CE are sure to improve customer satisfaction and further innovation in organizations.

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