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Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations


Let’s look at why many businesses have begun migrating their enterprise applications from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations:

The sunset of Dynamics AX is around the corner.   With support from Microsoft ending soon and the increasing cost to keep the existing Dynamics AX operational,   the time has come to make the switch to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations –  a  Cloud-based comprehensive ERP solution providing enhanced security, scalability and performance to meet the growing business needs.

 Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations  optimizes performance with better business continuity and automatic updates.  Teams located across the globe have a unified view of the business. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations enables close collaboration and communication within the same environment.  Increased team productivity along with easier data recovery and greater data security also justifies the need to migrate to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.  

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations enables superior data compliance to comply with regulatory needs.  The Common Data Service,  which is an integral part of  the Dynamics 365 platform, provides data sharing and reporting capabilities with Microsoft Office tools and the Power Platform.   Moreover,  scaling up business operations using Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is very seamless as there is no additional physical infrastructure that needs to be added to meet the growing needs of the business

The choice of migrating to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is  very obvious considering the value that  it brings to the business.   A one-time migration effort is a prudent investment for long term business sustainability and growth.  Organizations will quickly be able to embark on their cloud journey and digital adoption strategy by  embracing the Dynamics 365 business ecosystem.

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